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1,000 Saiyan Capsule 10 Day Trip to any planet. 1 Person. Compatible with Healing Machine
25,000 Namekian Pod 10 Day Trip to any planet. 5 People. Blasters and Healing Machine Compatible
50,000 Capsule Corp Pod 10 Day Trip to any planet. 5 People. Any add-ons
These - ones are addons - for the ship!
70,000 Capsule Corp. Gravity Chamber Simulates any amount of gravity
20,000 Capsule Corp Healing Chamber 3 Days to heal self
50,000 Capsule Corp Blaster Pack Speeds trip time by one day, they are used up with 1 use
20000 Capsule Corp Ki Cannon Fires on any ship at most 2 days away, can only fire 6 times per day
25000 Capsule Corp Magnetic Force Field Blocks up to 5 Shots from an enemy before having to be disabled temporarily (1 day) also protects from Taser Attacks
25,000 Capsule Corp Taser Cannon Captures enemy without harm, can board ship and do as you please, can counts as 3 cannon shots
50000 Deminsional Transporter Can take you to the other deminsions