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1 Skill
BlockBlocks anything (100) 5 Speed
10 Skill
Super BlockBlocks anything (300) 10 Speed
20 Skill
DodgeDodges anything both the attacker and the defender roll, if the defender rolls higher, the attack is dodged (no damage) if the attacker is higher the damage is done, no matter what it takes 20 Speed
20 Skill
CatchCatches a Ki Beam both players roll, if the attacker is higher it does 4/5 damage, if the defender is higher the attack is 1/2 damage it takes 20 speed to do
25 Skill
Counteris a combonation technique, you may combine a block and attack in the same turn (except Ki Attacks). It uses the Speed of the two actions put together, so if you Block and Punch it takes 20 speed
50 Skill
Grabsets up for Mortal Wounding, blocks nothing, 10 Speed, if you grab after Punch or Kick or Stomp you may rip limb off, if you grab after a head butt you may break neck. you don't have to grab for crush