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The Super Saiyajin Legion

Hey Chewie here, I am now offering to teach any new members how to battle. If you want to learn how to battle e-mail Me and i will teach you how to battle. Also Please battle more guys i havent recieved that many battles.

Yo guys! What is up? You guys seem to be keeping on your toes. Keep participating! This is now the 8th month of the RPG!!! The Longest of all my RPGs!!! Good job guys, you should be pround to be apart of the SSL. I am gonna make a new look here in about 3 months, I will be taking alot of time out to make it good. If you have any type of schemes in mind, like right now I have the computer type Green and Black, email me. I am gonna make the next version of SSL (Version 4.0 if you were wondering) better than ever. Or at least the site layout will be better. Anyways, Email me

Hi guys, Yamcha here, Future Trunks wanted me to tell all of you that he is a mercenary and will be hired for a reasonable amount of money. Thanks. Email Future Trunks Trunks Stats

Hey Guys, its Kefka here. You guys aren't doing much. But thats fine, chewie says he gets a good amount of battles from a small group of people, so thats fine. If you are training you may battle anyone. You may spar or battle ANYONE that you like and is on yer planet. Anyways, got nothing more to say, see ya -

Hey guys, if you see bigtee3000 anytime soon then get him to hurry and get the internet!! lol, if you see krillin and yamcha, tell them the same. I have been adding staff members so that I don't have to work near as hard, and I have more time for my life. thanks for all you veterans like Ren, and Doom, Chewie. You are the kings!

The SSL has moved to Tripod! YEY!! Finnally, I got a new layout, sorry if your browser don't support java. The nice looking iframe should be looking better and better as the days progress. I am putting all participation on hold starting Saturday so that I can transfer the memberstats page over to tripod from angelfire, it will take me and doom (if nappa actually gets online he can help) to transfer those files. Right now the Members and staffs secret sections aren't up on tripod yet (but they still link to angelfire) so if you wanna see what may, or what will change their, check in. Sorry bout all this, gawd I love tripod much better than Angelfire. You might notice I replaced the SSC, well shenki was nice enough to give me my old account back that I gave him. Everyone thank shenki ::thank:: ok now. If you see ANY dead links, or and problems after Monday then TELL ME! Cuz it ain't suppost to be there. All through this week end will be monster updates. I have an idea also. Vise Presidents have terms, so that you may elect the same vise, or a new vise. If that goes into effect vises' will have 2 week terms. Well thanks for readin! Kaioshin