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Planet Earth

Here is where everyone starts out. The gravity is just normal. Earths HP is 100,000,000 if you wanted to destroy it. This is where the Dragon Balls are.

Planet Namek

Gravity is normal. HP is 100,000,000. This is where Namek Dragon Balls are.

Planet Kaioshin

Where Kaioshin lives. Planet HP is 10,000,000. Gravity is 20

Planet Kai

Where King Kai is. Gravity is 20. Planet HP is 10,000,000.

Planet Vegeta

Where the Saiyan race used to live. Gravity is 20. Planet HP is 100,000,000.

Planet Yadrat

Gravity is 10, if you stay here 10 days you learn Teleport. Planet HP is 1,000,000,000.

Planet Arlaya

Gravity is 10, Planet HP is 10,000,000.