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Please don't argue with me. You are allowed to DEBATE with me though.

After a death match it takes 10 days to recover. (can't do anything for 10 days)
All transformations take 3 turns unless mastered, during those transformation stages you CAN be hurt.

Changlings are born with all four transformations, but they have to go through EACH transformation to get the higher one

If you win a battle your PL is +20 unless otherwise stated
If you loose a battle your PL is +40 unless otherwise stated

Don't buy stuff unless you have the cash
Don't email me saying, I want as many [insert item name here] as i can get.

You may clash any of your KI Beams with any KI ATTACK of your enemies on your block turn. Your attack must be higher than there's or you take the full damage of yours and there's

You get 300 cash per spar
You are dead until you are revived, or 25 Days
Mortal Wounding -

If you wanna mortally wound somebody then you must GRAB them first. To Snap their neck, you must grab RIGHT AFTER a head butt (logically) and to rip off a limb they must Punch Kick or Stomp (logically

There are two kinds of battles; Spars and Death Matches. You may not turn down a death match. You can turn down spars. You may not kill anyone in a spar. You can either ally with your opponent or kill them in a death match, those are the only options. After death matching your HP stays the same untill healed. Sparing - You may chose to block or not. You may chose to attack or not. The winner gets 20PL the looser gets 40PL. In Death Match you get 20 for winning and 40 for losing. If you die you gain PLx1.5 Sparing can only be done by allies. Death Matches can only be done by people who aren't allies. You may ally without a death match. No Ki Attacks in a spar! After a death match you may take your opponents gold.

Only one battle per mail. Please say who the winner is. And post your stats once a round. You get MORE PL after battle if you take on a WAY MORE POWERFUL ENEMY and win. I will be the final judge.

Triform, Fusion Dance, Super Level, moves that effect your stats can bedone on defence OR Offence

Fusion -
Player 1 and Player 2 use fusion dance. Player 1 and Player 2 add their PL together, HP together, Ki Together, half there Ki, and use the speed of the strongest Player. You Share Moves, the control goes to whoever wants it (no arguements).

Any Qs Email Me