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Terms to know -

Ability - this is the stuff you "purchase" moves with. It goes down when you use it

Skill - this is the level of your skill, it can never go down, but you need a certain "skill level" to be able to learn a move

Round - this is the term given to the ammount of time it takes for EVERYONE in battle to take there turn

Speed - this is what allows you to take many attacks all in one turn, each action you do (in or out of turn) takes speed. Block takes speed, basic attacks take speed, everything. You have only 50 speed. (unless raised by item) And if you run out you CANNOT act. But it replenishes after every round.

Here it goes -

<Kaioshin> My Power Level is 10000
<Piccolo> My Power Level is 11000
<Piccolo> I go first
<Piccolo> ::Punches:: (11,000 x 1/1000 x 400 = 4400 Attack
<Kaioshin> ::Blocks:: (10,000 x 1/1000 x 100 = 1000 block
<Score Keeper>3400 damage (Kaioshin now at 97,600 HP and 45 Speed)(Piccolo has perfect Health and 40 speed)
And you do this over and over, your turn ends when you pass or you run out of speed. Remember you might wanna save some speed to block. The one still alive at the end wins. Read the rules of batling. If this didn't help you then please contact