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The Kefka RPG Award

Available Awards:

Begginer Award - Over 10 members, RPG has to be open, no site required.

Saiyan Elite X

Popper Award - Over 15 members, Site Requited

RPG Leader - Over 15 Members, Site needs good look

Puppetz RPG

Saiya-jin Class - Over 25 Members, Site not required
Trunks' DBZ RPG

Elite Class - Over 30 members, Site required, frames or tables required

Super Saiya-jin - Over 40 Members, Site Required, tables required

Gogetas dbz rpg
Final DBZ Fantasy

Super Saiya-jin Award 2(Equals Super Saiya-jin Award) - Over 40 members, frames required, "layout" required.

You may submit for an award. Email Me the URL of your site, the name of your site, and you will be added to the Kefka Award Hall of Fame!