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Gangs are certian groups of people. You must have a leader, at least 2 members and no more than 15 members. I discourage a gang of all the high powers but go ahead, its your RPG. Your gang must also have a name. You may not kill a gang member unless you are a traitor or they are no doubt a traitor. If you are a traitor, PUT SOME DRAMA IN IT! These are the existing Gangs:

4 gangs have been made

The Mystical Saiyajins

Leader: MegaSaiyan
MegaSayin, Go Buu, Unknowen, , ,

The Saiyajins

Leader: Gogeto, SP Cell
Gogeto, Super Perfect Cell, King Vegeta, Vegetto, Gotrunks, Bardock, Vettgo, Bra, Vettgo,


Leader: Kaioshin
Kaioshin, Cell, Goku, Goten, Future Trunks, Ace , Brolli,

The Viper Knights

Leader: Piccolo
Co. Leader:Krillin
Piccolo , Piccolo-Damio, Chibi Goku , Chibi Trunks , Krillin , Vegetrunks, Majin Vegeta , Danze , Aaron Seten, Parugas, , ,

Z Warriors

Leader: Yamcha
Co. Leader:Tien
Yamcha, Tien, Radditz, Gohan, , , , , , , , ,