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2000 Gold Senzu Bean Cures all KI and HP
5000 Yemma Fruit Speeds training by one day
10,000 Kai Fruit Raises PL by 1000
40,000 Might Fruit Raises PL 10% can't eat more than one per Saga
100,000 each Potarra Earrings Need two, fuse permanently, until wished seperate
Not Buyable Earth Dragon Balls 1 Wish
Not Buyable Namek Dragon Balls 3 Wishes
20000 Dragon Ball Radar Allows to start a Dragon Ball Quest
20000 Saiyan Scouter Finds Power Level, shortens length of DB Quest, allows to go first
1000 Skill Raiser Raises Skill by 5
1000 Ability Raiser Raises Ability by 5
2000 Speed Booster Raises Speed for one battle by 5
20,000 Speed Blaster Raises Speed for one battle by 10
50000 Speed Pill Raises Speed Permanently by 5
10,000 Saiya-ba Man Seed In two turns, grows 1 Saiya-ba Man. He has 15,000 PL No Ki, 150,000 HP, and Basic Physical Attacks, Can't Block
50,000 Nimbus Cloud Allows for Kami, Korrin, and S&T Training to be started. Also shortens Dragon Ball Quest
50,000 Weighted Clothing Safely raises the G Level 1 more