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Final Fantasy X

Projected Release: Autumn 2001
Predicted Rating: 1-10 (10 Best) 6 (I hate 3d Graphix)
From all the magazine screen shots (like EGM or InsideGamer) I have seen (they may not yet be uploaded quite yet) this game looks bad, it will have the whole 3d thing, and different viewing angels (like in Xenogears), but this game will be integrated for PSX2 with the highspeed DVD CDROM and the Modem port, it will be a large networking multiplayer game. This brings up a few ideas of bugging. "Could someone one else, access your PSX2 with hack software?". But this is still speculation and I don't believe any software exists for the PSX2 yet that can do that, I mean its only 2 months on the shelf. Anyways, I have no information on the plot, or the character names, I only know that Final Fantasy 10 will be the first of the infamous series on PSX2. Little is known about the game, except that it will take advantage of some kind of online multiplayer features.
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