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Projected Release: November 19!!
Predicted Rating: 1-10 (10 Best) I rate this a 7 because Final Fantasy 8 lacked the plot scheme that FF6 or FF5 had. But the grafics will be much better, yet I still hate the 3d RPGs, I will always love my FF6/3 & FF5, but 7 had a great Plot and Graphics, So I just give this one a 7.
Words From LeStat:
Final Fantasy has defiantly got to be the best line of RPG’s ever, and for good reasons. I mean no other series has delivered the same combination of high-quality graphics, music, and story line so consistently, sequel after sequel after sequel. Final Fantasy games are often the standard on which other RPG’s are judged, and now, less than two years after the epic FFVIII, yet another release is right around the corner (November or December 2000). For anyone who has read anything about FFIX they have probably noticed it doesn’t look anything like the past 2 FF’s. Even better than getting away from the blocky characters of FF7 is the fact that the game is being geared towards players who remember playing FF2 and FF3 for the Super Nintendo. None of this means that people who loved FF7 and FF8 won’t love this game it just means don’t expect more of the same. Health and Magic points are back, you once again buy weapons armor, certain characters can cast certain spells, and thankfully, once again you can have four party members in battles. Also a big change has been made, fun and excitement have returned, whereas in FF8 there was almost no humor at all. Instead of Limit Breaks there is something called Trance that lasts for a couple of turns that allows you to perform stronger attacks and better magic. And of course the “Airship” and Chocobos are back. No signs of other characters except a small mage called Vivi and Cid (as always) is in it.