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Kefka's Realm

Kefka here again. Its a nice morning, I got 2 new webmasters. Chew and LeStat. Chew got some FF7 things up, and I am getting the DBZ and FF6 sections up. LeStat is working on the FF8 and FF7 sections. I changed the disclamer some, and added the KR Logo. My band changed so I updated that, I have been busy the last week, but these last 3 days I was sick, so I had no things to do, so I decided to update like hell, I am getting lots of DBZ Pics up, and FF7 and 6/3 Midi's up. But they aren't linked yet. Also got alot of info on FF9, check it out, I WILL HAVE some good Screen Shots soon and info. Slowly chuggin along. Kefka

Welcome to Kefka's Realm. Yes this is still the URL to my RPG check the obsessions section to see the SS Legion. This site is still being constructed and most of the links to the left DO NOT WORK! SS Legion, Message Board, Chat, and some others may work but as of Oct 7 '00 NOTHING WORKS except the SS Legion, sorry. By the 10th everything should be working properly. BTW, I am Kefka, my real name is Wil. Any of my friends out there that actually cared about me and decided to look at this site, thanks, if you accidentally came accross this thing on accident, tell me how you found this place, I really gotta find the ways that are working to bring in traffic and ATTACK them. Thanks for visiting, soon everything will be up and I will be king. Also I am looking for webmasters. I would rather it be someone I know from Online or real world, but if I don't know you and you are trust worthy AND KNOW HTML, you might be able to join me. But you have to do an update once a week at least please. See ya later - Kefka 9-7-00