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Everyone can use these attacks ^_^
Kaioken 50 Speed Per Charge, multiplies a move in combo with it (kaioken x3 + Big Bang) makes Big Bang triple damage, 30 Skill, 30 Ability. Kaioken uses 1/4 more Ki. For Kaioken x 2 you have to be 20,000 PL for Kaioken x 3 you have to be 40,000 PL for Kaioken x4 you have to be 60,000 PL and so on. . . it takes 1/2 your max HP away each time you use Kaioken
Kamehameha 1/4 KI attack. 20 Skill, 20 Ability
Big Bang 1/3 KI, 30 Skill, 30 ability
Kienzen 3/5 KI, //roll, if you roll a 1 it inflicts a limp rip off mortal wound, any other number it misses, 40 skill, 40 ability
Solar Flare 3/5 KI Blinds enemy for 1 full round, 10 Skill, 30 ability
Tri Form you split into 3 beings. Your PL is devided by 1/2. Takes ALL KI to use. 30 Ability 40 Skill
Super Beam Cannon 1/2 KI, 30 Skill, 40 ability, must charge one turn
False Moon Makes all saiyans with tails in chat go Oozaru. 4/5 Ki, 50 ability, 80 skill
Self Destruct User Dies, KI+PL=attack, 1 Skill, 10 abilitu
Genki Dama 50 Speed per charge, you must charge it TWO turns before using first charge uses 3/4 KI, but every charge after that uses no extra KI, but adds 1/10 damage, 50 Skill, 50 ability, last ditch move ONLY
Eye Beam 1/4 Ki, non dodgable un blockable 40 Skill, 30 ability
Finger Beam 1/3 KI, 10 Skill, 10 ability
Flying allows to attack first, also allows to fly away from battle. If more powerful than your opponent you get to fly in front of them. 50 Skill, 30 ability
Fade 1/3 KI can dodge any attack or if combined with another physcial attack can make a non blockable attack, 50 Skill, 20 ability
Teleport 1/3 KI can teleport anywhere previously visited, 50 Skill, 70 ability
Fusion Dance Fusion of 5 rounds. Takes 1/2 Ki of each user. Two people may fuse into one. Power Level is added together. HP and KI is added together also. Act as one. 40 Skill, 30 ability
Regenerate Grow back a limb. (restor your original attack power) 40 Skill, 30 ability
Fusion Touch Able to fuse with more than one person, allowing your stats to be added to an existing Fusion battler 40 Skill, 30 ability
Android Absorb Able to absorb energy from your opponent. While you are obsorbing your enemy can hit you without blocks. You can absorb 10000 HP each round, you recover 5000 HP from that. 40 Skill, 30 ability