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10 Days Roshi Training Teaches Kamehameha
10 Days Kami Training Learn Kienzen
Instant S&T Training Battle one enemy exactly your PL but with x2 HP (PL + 20,000) (not abailable until 3rd Saga) (Master Level 3 Supers)
Instant Guru Gain 5,000 PL (Not Available until 2nd Saga)(Master Level 1 Supers)
10 Days King Kai Learn Genki Dama, Kaioken
10 days Kaioshin Master Level 2 Supers. For Saiyans allows Oozaru + SSJ
Gained Daily (can use anytime) Self Training Consists of PushUps, Sit Ups, the sort, in normal gravity you gain 10 PL a day (Can be done along with wilderness training and Trips only)
20 Days Wilderness Training Adds 5,000 to PL, 20 Ability and Skill (can't do anything during those days except Self Train)